Airsoft at Boneyard Paintball 6/13/15

A quick clip of people playing airsoft at Boneyard Paintball from 6/13/15.  One side pushed the other side completely back to their start.

Boneyard Paintball is a paintball field in Plymouth, Wisconsin.  This was from a newly scheduled airsoft open play.  We are slowly allowing airsoft players to use the paintball field for a place to play when paintball isn't going on.

The cost for airsoft is only $10 (subject to change), guns are chronoed under 400fps, you must have full seal eye protection, and you must have your own equipment.

Stay up to date with all airsoft happenings: https://www.facebook.com/BoneyardPaintball

Check out these guys... Some from this group helped bring airsoft to Boneyard... https://www.facebook.com/airsoft.sheboygan

Website: http://boneyardpaintball.com/

Music:  “Shapeshifter” feat. Styles of Beyond (Blue Stahli Remix) (Inst.) by “Celldweller”

Music used with permission from Position Music and Freedom!