Open Play June 15th & 16th with PSP Chicago Layout

Play paintball at a great Wisconsin paintball field.  Airball field will be up both Saturday and Sunday.  The recreation field will be open on Sunday.  The 2013 PSP Chicago layout will be used for the airball field.


2013 PSP Chicago Practice at Boneyard Paintball

Playing PSP Chicago?? 
Come to Boneyard Paintball for the Chicago layout with great prices!!
2013 full sized PSP airball field (120 x 150)

$15 Entry and all day air
$40 a case of paint <---- span="" wow="">

June 8-9 
Saturday June 8th: 12pm-4pm
Sunday June 9th: 9am- 4pm 

June 15-16 
Saturday June 15th: 12pm-4pm
Sunday June 16th: 9am- 4pm 

*Prices only apply to the team practice on airball field*

Check out http://boneyardpaintball.com/ for more information or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BoneyardPaintball