Boneyard Paintball Zombie Dash

Your team must fight against the Zombies to retrieve the antidote and return it to base before time runs out! Register your team of 4 today! Saturday, October 25th from 5pm-10pm.

We don't want to give too much away & ruin all the surprises, but here's a few pieces of information....
* The zombies will NOT have guns. They MUST tag you for you to be out.

* Each player on each team will be supplied a Tippmann Rental gun (After all, it's an apocalypse... and this keeps everyone on the same playing level)

* There will be "required props" and time bonus props. It's up to your team to choose wisely.

* Radio communication is allowed between "live" team members.

* Prizes will be awarded for fastest teams.

Go to http://boneyardpaintball.com/ to register.

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